The 2017 Manitoba Canine Show Dates:

August 17, 18, 19 & 20, 2017

4 All Breed Championship Shows

National & Regional Specialties Shows
1 Working & Herding Speciality Show
4 Obedience Trials

4 Rally ObedienceTrials

Boosters & Supported Entries
Junior Handling

East St. Paul Community Centre

264 Hoddinott Road
East St. Paul, MB


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As of 2015 - a ramp is mandatory for Bassets, Bulldogs & Shar-pei.


Obedience and Rally Entries will be limited to 7 hrs of Judging per day

Rally ring will be 40 x 60

Mixed Breed Entries allowed in Performance Events

2017 Judging Panel


Denise Cornelsson 22263 Twp Rd 512, Sherwood Park, AB, T8C 1H2

Stewart Dankner 1153 Parthia Cres., Mississauga, ON, L4Y 2L3

Judi Elford 101 Valley Rd RR3, Millbrook, ON, L0A 1G0

Karsten Kaemling 1403 - 1003 Pacific St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4P2

Ray Lariviere 140 Skye St, Ingersoll, ON, N5C 2R1

Jeff Lunder Box 97, Delburne, AB, T0M 0V0

Dr. Ana E. Vazquez Lievano Santa Ana, El Salvador

Joanne Pavey 85 Seline Cres, Barrie, ON L4N 5V7

Sean Shields 61 Lindsay St N, Lindsay, ON, K9V 1T6

Lionel Whittaker 4529Mead Court NW, Edmonton, AB, T6R 0T1




Thursday, August 17, 2017




Judi Elford Group 1, Group 2, Group 4 & Group 6, BIS, RBIS, BPIS, BBPIS
Ray Lariviere Group 3, Group 5 & Group 7




Friday, August 18, 2017




Joanne Pavey
Group 1 & Group 7 except Shetland Sheepdogs & German Shepherd Dogs
Denise Cornelsson Group 2, & Group 6
Karsten Kaemling Group 3, Group 5, BIS, RBIS, BPIS, BBPIS
Judi Elford Shetland Sheepdogs & German Shepherd Dogs
Ray Lariviere Group 4


Saturday, August 19, 2017




Karsten Kaemling Group 1
Stewart Dankner Group 2, Akita to Greater Swiss Mountain Dog inclusive
Denise Cornelson Remainder of Group 3 plus Group, Group 4 & BIS, RBIS, BPIS, BBPIS
Dr. Ana E. Vazquez Lievano Group 5, Group 6 & Group 7




Sunday, August 20, 2017




Sean Shields Group 1, Group 3 except Boxers
Karsten Kaemling Group 2, Group 6 & Group 7
Denise Cornelsson Boxers, Group 5
Dr. Ana E. Vazquez Lievano Group 4, BIS, RBIS, BPIS, BBPIS

Show Entry Fees

Early Bird closes Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 - 9:00 p.m. C.D.T.
Early Bird MCA All Breed Conformation or MCA Obedience or Rally
$27.00 show/trial
Early Bird Conformation ~ same dog, same class all 4 MCA shows $95.00 /dog
Early Bird Obedience or Rally~same dog, same class all 4 MCA trials
$95.00 /dog
No Early Bird Discount on Specialty Shows-regular classes  

Sweepstakes & Unofficial Classes (Stud, Brood, Parade etc)

$10.00 /dog/show
Final Closing Date ~ Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 - 9:00 p.m. C.D.T.  
Conformation, Specialties, Veteran class in Specialties, Obed,Rally $30.00/show/trial
Sweepstakes & Unofficial Classes (Stud, Brood, Parade etc)  
BABY PUPPY - 3-6 months of age offered in MCA shows and
some selected specialties - refer to your specialty page.
$10.00 / dog /show
Exhibition Only
$10.00 /dog/day
Listing Fee
$9.00 /dog/show/trial
Pre Ordered Catalogues
$10.00 each
A limited number of catalogues will be available for sale at the show
$15.00 each
Reserved Grooming Spots 8 x 10 with power $60.00
Camping Fee if reserved and paid by July 20th 2017 $90.00
Camping Fee if reserved and paid after July 20th 2017 $110.00
Camping Power Limited spots available $60.00

These methods are the only approved methods for submitting entries:
By mail to: Manitoba Canine Association, Corinne Walker -
Box 338, Warren, MB R0C 3E0 Phone (204) 226-0410
Fax entries only to 204-237-0965
Online Entries: until 5:00 p.m. EST July 26, 2017
Drop off entries to: Pet Value on Reenders Ave in Winnipeg only
E-mail entries: to

Email entries must be on completed entry form to be accepted.


NOTE: a 10% charge added to each entry for handling charges if a credit card is used.